Surface Treatments Bonded Wearing Course

The process consists of polymer modified asphalt emulsion spray applied at a rate of approximately 0 2 gallons per yd 2 immediately ahead of an overlay of gap graded hot mix asphalt HMA The thick polymer asphalt membrane seals and protects the surface and provides superior bonding of the ultrathin mix to the pavement

KCRC Ultra Thin Overlay The Process YouTube

Aug 26 2015· An Ultra Thin Overlay is a preventative surface treatment used on roads to extend pavement life The process places approximately ¾ of hot asphalt over the existing surface

Fixing Concrete Overlays The Concrete Network

The use of a microtopping or thin overlay is the solution These ultra thin polymer modified cement based overlays are easy to apply and most will take a stain Make sure to check with the overlay manufacturer to ensure that their product is compatible with stain Preparing a test sample prior to starting the project is always recommended

Concrete Pavement Overlay Design

Bonded Concrete Resurfacing of Composite Pavements Bonded Overlay Systems Unbonded Concrete Resurfacing of Concrete Pavements Unbonded Concrete Resurfacing of Asphalt Pavements Thinner Concrete Pavement or Short Slabs Unbonded Systems ACPA BCOA or BCOA ME h 3 to 6 in L 4 to 6 ft Thin Concrete Inlay Preservation h 2 to 3 5 inch L 4 to 6 ft

2004 Statewide Special Specifications dot state tx us

3142 Ultra Thin Bonded Hot Mix Wearing Course UTBHMWC SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS 1 When PG binder is specified p rovide an asphalt binder with a high temperature grade of PG76 and a low temperature grade as shown on the plans in accordance

HMA Ultra Thin

HMA Ultra Thin offers a simple cost effective way to maintain roads and streets as it protects your investment in them A hot mix asphalt treatment designed specifically for thin lift 3 4 inch placement HMA Ultra Thin was developed for structurally sound pavements that are showing signs of aging oxidation or minor surface disintegration

NovaChip® Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course

The process involves spraying a heavy layer of polymer modified asphalt emulsion within inches of the application of the hot mix asphalt The NovaChip® Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course can be placed as thin as 0 5 inches 12 5 mm to 1 5 inches 38 mm thick The emulsion cools quickly and bonds the asphalt to the pavement rapidly

MnROAD Minnesota Department of Transportation

MnROAD Research Briefs Performance of Ultra Thin Bonded Wear Course This review was part of ongoing research to determine how Bituminous over Concrete BOC pavement cracks and how to reduce or eliminate cracking of the Hot Mix Asphalt HMA overlay

Tech Brief The Use of Thin Asphalt Overlays for Pavement

used as thin overlays such as open graded friction course OGFC stone matrix asphalt SMA and ultra thin bonded wearing course UTBWC Dense graded mixtures utilized for thin lift overlays are often called No 4 or ⅜ inch 4 75 mm or 9 5 mm mixtures and the designations 4 75 mm and 9 5 mm mixtures will be used throughout this guide

Pavement Manual Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Mixtures

Anchor i1013899 Section 6 Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Mixtures Anchor i1013905 6 1 General Hot mix asphalt HMA is a generic term that includes many different types of mixtures of aggregate and asphalt cement binder produced at elevated temperatures generally between 300

Pavement Manual Thin Concrete Pavement Overlay Thin

Thin whitetopping TWT is a 4 to 7 in thick concrete overlay bonded to an existing asphalt concrete pavement ACP to create a composite section see Figure 8 7 TWT is constructed normally at intersections where rutting and shoving in asphalt pavement continue to cause problems

413 3 Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Wearing Surface

An ultra thin 1 bonded asphalt wearing surface UBAWS is a hot mix asphalt HMA overlay placed over a heavy asphalt emulsion layer or membrane The thickness ranges from 1 2 in to 3 4 inch The table below lists the minimum lift thickness for each UBAWS type based on the nominal maximum aggregate size allowed for the mixture

Performance of Ultra Thin Bonded Wear Course

Performance of Ultra Thin Bonded Wear Course Case Study Interstate 35 Southbound Mile Post 18 to 12 Introduction This review was part of ongoing research to determine how Bituminous over Concrete BOC pavement cracks and how to reduce or eliminate cracking of the Hot Mix Asphalt HMA overlay View the complete field report from

Thin lift overlays Asphalt magazine

Thin lift asphalt overlays can be used to address functional issues safety issues as well as maintain roadways under all traffic conditions as a pavement preservation technique Project selection is a key issue for thin asphalt overlays Thin overlays of structurally sound pavements can last 10 years or

Thin Overlays National Asphalt Pavement Association

Thin Overlays A new generation of thin lift asphalt overlays called Thinlays™ are a popular approach to pavement preservation because of their ability to provide improved ride quality reduce pavement distresses maintain surface geometrics reduce noise levels

TxDOT High Performance Thin Overlays

TXDOT HIGH PERFORMANCE THIN OVERLAYS Genesis of Thin Overlays First Mix Design –Density 97 5 –AC 6 7 Thin Overlay option for SCI 70 Spot repair and Level up for SCI 70 – 80 17 Footer Text Pavement Selection Consideration for TOMs FM0969 FM1209

Bonded concrete overlay of asphalt mechanical empirical

Bonded Concrete Overlay of Asphalt Mechanistic Empirical design procedure BCOA ME presented here is valid for overlays that are between 2 5 and 6 5 in 64–154 mm and includes five primary

Thin asphalt overlays for pavement preservation

Thin overlays on asphalt almost always most cost effective Thin overlays on PCC not as cost effective but greater deterioration prior to overlay 2008 NAPA Survey of State Asphalt Associations Treatment Expected Life yrs Range Cost SY Range Annual Cost lane mile Chip Seal 4 08 2 5–5 2 06 0 50–4 25 3 554 51

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The only acceptable asphalt mix designs will be 50 gyrations 0 3 million ESALs 75 gyrations 0 3 to 3 0 million ESALs and 100 gyrations 3 0 to 30 0 million ESALs mix designs These new policies should be adopted on all new and existing projects as soon as practical without

Best Practices for Asphalt Overlays and Thin Lifts

A conventional overlay is at least 1 5 inches thick while a thin overlay is less than 1 5 inches thick In this section of the article we ll outline tips for and best practices of paving overlays and thin lifts

Bonded Wearing Course Treatment Types

A bonded wearing course BWC is a gap graded ultra thin hot mix asphalt HMA mixture applied over a thick polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane The high binder content seals the underlying road thereby protecting it from water infiltration and slows down the aging process

3 Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay The National Center for

Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay 8 3 thin hot 5 30 qxd 6 8 2003 2 15 PM Page 8 Thin Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay 9 Trucks Sufficient trucks are available to allow the paver to keep moving at a uniform speed Trucks are clean and free of solvents before the mix is loaded Trucks have tarpaulins to cover mix

Ultra Thin Bonded Overlay YouTube

May 18 2017· Ultra Thin Bonded Overlay Conrad Leger Loading Unsubscribe from Conrad Leger EJB Ultra Thin Hot Mix Demo 2013 Duration 4 10 ejbvideos1 571 views 4 10

Ultra thin Bonded Wearing Course Performance Update

Ultra thin Bonded Wearing Course Wearing course pavements Ride quality Ride quality index Materials tests Hot Mix Asphalt Hot mix paving mixtures Portland cement concrete No restrictions Document available from National Technical Information Services Springfield Virginia 22161 19 Security Class this report 20

Bonded Versus Unbonded Concrete Overlays Concrete

May 15 2013· Bonded Versus Unbonded Concrete Overlays Six S Contracting An unbonded overlay on asphalt can be placed with very little surface preparation Question I have been told that unbonded concrete overlays are the best way to rehabilitate a deteriorated asphalt or concrete pavement

What is Bonded Asphaltic Concrete Pavement West Contracting

Bonded Asphaltic Concrete Pavement is a way for agencies to receive hot mix asphalt with a superior bond strength which directly impacts a pavements performance over its lifetime This technology provides a lower life cycle cost over several surface types hot mix asphalt concrete pavement chip sealed surfaced and milled surfaces while

A Concrete Overlay Makeover How I Resurface Ugly Concrete

Micro toppings and skim coats are ultra thin usually 3 16 inch or less This type of overlay is used to resurface concrete floors to repair small imperfections or give the concrete a new canvas that can be stained like the one to the right

Thin Lift Danny Gierhart P E Overlays Regional Engineer

Thin Lift Overlays are typically defined as surface mixes of 1 5 or less in compacted thickness They can be a simple overlay or part of a mill and fill operation They are not typically intended to strengthen the pavement structure but

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